Annual report, 2016

Annual report, 2016
, PhD committee at the Faculty of Humanities (Stip-HF)

Stip-HF has had the following members in 2016: Magnus Halsnes (AHKR, leader) Sara Kohne (AHKR, secretary), Terje Breigutu Moseng (AHKR), Guro Sandnes (IF), Jan Jacob Hoffmann (IF) and Nazuki Kobayashi (IF). Benedikte Fjellanger Vardøy (IF) acted as Kobayashi’s deputy during the spring semester.

2016 has been a more quiet year for Stip-HF than the preceding years of 2014 and 2015. There have been fewer issues relevant for PhD candidates at the faculty. The faculty and departments have in addition been mainly preoccupied with the implementation of HF2018. In order for us to follow up relevant issues we have maintained contact between the Group B representatives of the Faculty board and the University Board.

Stip-HF took part in planning and arranging the Introduction Seminar for new PhD Candidates at the faculty in 2016 and are currently on the planning committee for the 2017 seminar. We have had two informal lunches with the Dean and the Vice Dean of Research and Communication, where we have discussed different issues relevant to PhD candidates. Some of the main and recurring topics have been courses in transferable skills, the mentor supervision of PhD candidates in lecturing that was introduced this year and administrative duties for PhD candidates. Members of Stip-HF have also helped to fill vacant positions in various governing and advisory bodies at the faculty when these bodies have had difficulties finding group B representatives.

Stip-HF has also arranged some social meetings for the PhD candidates, like the biannual lunches at the end of each semester and a monthly payday beer. As always, there are room for improvement, especially regarding the social and political integration of non-Norwegian speaking PhD candidates.

Bergen, February 2, 2017

(Stip-HF annual report 2016, PDF)

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