Summary of the STIP-HF meeting 5.2.2015 (shorter version in English)

Sara Kohne, Jan Jacob Hoffmann, Anna Watson, Terje Breigutu Moseng, Guro Sandnes, Benedikte Fjellanger Vardøy.

1. New board

Sara was chosen as the leader of STIP-HF. Benedikte was chosen to be the secretary.

2. Statutes

Certain parts of the STIP-HF statutes are unclear, or are not followed as per today. A working group (Jan Jacob, Terje and one external PhD candidate) will suggest amendments to the statutes and there will be a general meeting to discuss this.

3. Responsibilities in STIP-HF

Lønningspils (social get-togethers): Guro
Social get-togethers at the end of each semester: all members of STIP-HF
E-mail list (to be closed for non-members): Benedikte and Terje.
Updates on issues concerning the PhD education at the faculty: Anna
Economy: Sara

4. Plan for contact with PhD candidates at the institutes/centres

STIP-HF will contact the PhD candidates at the different institutes/centres to map their needs and wishes. Who will contact you? See below:

FOF & AHKR: Terje and Sara
SKOK, LLE & SVT: Jan Jacob and Anna
IF & Griegakademiet: Guro and Benedikte

5. Lists of participants at STIP-HF events

Benedikte/Sara will look into the guidelines for faculty sponsored STIP-HF events.

6. Academic writing and courses in transferrable skills

Is there a need for a course on academic writing at PhD level? Could the academic writing centre be contacted?

We will talk to the deans about the general routines for offering courses in transferrable skills.

7. Lunch with the deanery

Sara will propose a lunch with the deanery.

8. PhD education

Anna will contact the delegates from group B before the FFU meeting at LLE on Monday 9.2, in order to ensure that PhD candidates are being heard, as PhD education will be discussed at this meeting.

The faculty should know where they are heading with the PhD education.


Jan Jacob and Anna volonteered to represent group B in the FFU at Faculty level. Terje: alternate member.

We decided to translate the new STIP-HF statutes (which will be discussed at a general meeting) into English.

STIP-HF shall distribute summons and summaries to all PhD candidates through e-mail.

We also discussed matters concering the home page as well as digital signatures for STIP-HF.

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